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Your problem is that you’re armed, you’re heavily armed

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Four female service members filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the Pentagon’s ban on women serving in combat, hoping the move will add pressure to drop the policy just as officials are gauging the effect that lifting the prohibition will have on morale. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in San Francisco, is the second one this year over the 1994 rule that bars women from being assigned to ground combat units, which are smaller and considered more dangerous since they are often in battle for longer periods. The legal effort comes less than a year after the ban on gays serving openly was lifted and as officials are surveying Marines about whether women would be a distraction in ground combat units. Women comprise 14 percent of the 1.4 million active military personnel. The lawsuit alleges that women are barred from 238,000 positions across the Armed Forces.

Movie Quoter’s token “Guy without a Penis” Kati Cawley hit it right on the head when we were talking about this around the Q water-cooler this morning: “I wonder if they knew they were hurting their cause by putting her (Marine Colleen Farrell above) up front?  Hubba hubba.”

As a fan of sexism, I have to agree with my esteemed colleague.  I’m not questioning their bravery and I’m certainly thankful for their service, but if you’re trying to argue that these women should be on the the front lines, why would you pick the only one you’d want to hook up with as your spokeswoman at the press conference? Any one of them in the back row, I’d gladly give a riffle, some grenades and a stern pat on the butt when I point to the battle field.   Lt. Farrell, however, you’ve just been promoted to General so you’ll have to call the shots from an undisclosed location in Arizona.

Where I can give you the Aunt Jemima treatment:


Full Metal Sendup Showdown: Stripes vs. Rudolph



Because it’s the Christmas season now, I’ll probably have to go with the classic Rudolph mashup, but the music in the Stripes trailer combined with the shot of John Candy struggling on the rope climbing obstacle is so masterfully done, they both deserve your consideration.

Egon lives on! Happy Birthday Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis is the greatest comic talent of the last 100 years to never star in his own movie. He’s shared the stage with Bill Murray in Stripes, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, but it is as a writer that he’s a genius. Stripes, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Back to School, Animal House, Groundhog Day and Analyze This. He also directed Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Analyze This and National Lampoon’s Vacation. Always the straight man, while secretly the funniest guy in the room. Here’s a quick tribute to Harold at 68:

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“A Surprise Party? Whose Idea was this?” Bill Murray Turns 62

The Patron Saint of Movie Quoter, Mr. Bill Murray is celebrating his 62nd birthday and what better way to celebrate than to have the self proclaimed Quote Master General himself, your ol’ Uncle Buck, to give you 62 big quotes from the King’s legendary career. Really, its “no big deal.”

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Morning Napalm: Everybody calls me Psycho

I think Paul Ryan gave a great speech last night, doing his part at the RNC, but wouldn’t it have been great if he just came out and said, “The name’s Paul Ryan, but everybody calls me ‘Psycho.” Any of you people call me ‘Francis,’ and I kill ya!”  He would have been taken away in a Silence of the Lambs hand truck but you sure wouldn’t have forgotten a word of his speech…


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