Well, we know how he got them…bloomers in auction alleged to be Queen’s…

MIAMI, May 14 (UPI) — A Miami eBay user is selling a pair of bloomer-style undergarments allegedly once belonging to Queen Elizabeth II.  The auction alleges the undergarments, which bear an embroidered crown and the letter “E,” were left on an airplane when Elizabeth visited Chile in 1968 and ended up in the collection of Hungarian-born sculptor Baron Joseph “Sepy” de Bicske Dobronyi, who died in 2010, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.  The description in the auction, which was purportedly posted by Dobronyi’s estate, says Buckingham Palace and the manufacturer of the garment have refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the item.  “In either case this is an excellent example of a vintage undergarment of that era and very collectible,” the description says.


Fine.  I will say what I know all of your pervs are thinking – how did Baron Sepy get his hands on such an item?  As an avid Anglophile, with a fervent wish to become a queen of something, I cannot say that I am entirely (or even a little bit) turned off by the wily Sep’s… um, wiles.  If you can get your hands on some royal undies, why not?  Besides, everyone knows Her Highness is anything but prudish when it comes to pomp and circumstance.  Case in point below…



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