Tyson Beckford Says His Leaked Sex Tape Is Just of Him Alone and Isn’t Very Good. What Say We Settle This on the Runway, Han Solo?

TMZMale supermodel Tyson Beckford is warning his fans … the unreleased sex tape featuring himself (with himself) is definitely NOT a masterpiece. Sorry ladies (and some men) … someone is shopping footage of the 41-year-old former Polo model pleasuring himself during a recent Internet video chat with a female model. Tyson went on Twitter yesterday to address the issue with fans … saying he’s “sad but life goes on.” “Don’t even faze me” … Tyson added … “We all do it, just mine got caught on film.” He also admitted, “Not much of a sex tape lol.”


Seriously, Beckford, do you like service yourself ten times a day?  I guess there really IS more to life other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. @JerryThornton1

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