The People of North Carolina Counter-Protest the KKK in Clown Costumes. I Hate North Carolina Klansmen.

CharlotteKlu Klux Klan and neo-Nazi members weren’t expecting the circus to show up during their anti-immigration rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. But colourful counter-protestors came dressed as clowns and outnumbered the protestors five to one on Saturday, responding to chants of ‘White Power’ with their own chants of ‘Dwight Power’ and ‘White Flower’. Many of the counter-protestors were using squeaky toys, whistles and horns to drown out the amplified white supremacy speeches, NBC Charlotte reported. Their message: ‘Racism is ridiculous.’


On behalf of America’s multicultural, inclusive, melting-potty, rainbowish and tolerant Movie Quoter population, I salute the people of Charlotte for the way they handled this.  It would’ve been completely understandable if they’d gotten angry and things got out of hand.  But they didn’t stoop to the KKK’s level.  Instead they took to the high road and used one of the most under-utilized weapons ever devised: ridicule.  So congratulations on a job well done.  You’re all better men than I because I would’ve gone with the old fashioned Jake & Elwood method of getting your message across in the face of reckless, mindless hate.  It’s not nearly as clever as what the good people of Charlotte did, but it’s effective. Besides, I just can’t help it. I hate North Carolina Klansmen:


And while we’re on the subject?  Far be it for me to offer friendly advice to the North Carolina Klan, but if they want to project a friendlier, more wholesome image, they ought to knock off the stupid protests and just do what the Rock Ridge chapter did:


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