Terrell Owens: “I Blew $80 Million and Can’t Pay Child Support.” Dr. Phil: “You are hanging on by a very thin thread and I dig that about you!”

ProFootballTalkTerrell Owens is the guest on today’s episode of Dr. Phil, and it doesn’t sound like life is going well for the former NFL wide receiver. Although Owens has made $80 million, he told Dr. Phil that he has squandered most of it, and Owens is joined on Dr. Phil’s couch by three women who have had children with Owens and say he hasn’t made his child-support payments. Owens says he can’t visit his kids, who live in different cities, because his travel schedule is too demanding. After the taping of the show, Dr. Phil said that while Owens insists he’s a good guy who has been misunderstood, the mothers of his children don’t seem to see it that way.


This is a tough break for TO.  I’m sure he was one of those guys who said “My next contract’s gotta bring me the dollars that’ll last me and mine a long time. Sh*t, I’m out of this sport in 5 years. What’s my family gonna live on? Huh?”  And now here he is,out of the sport a year and flat broke already.  I feel for you, man. But a real man wouldn’t shoplift the pootie from a single mom. @JerryThornton1

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