Sleeping Kid Air Drumming Nirvana Goes Viral. Personally, I Prefer Tommy’s Guns & Roses Vibrato

Mail.UKMost parents will be wearily familiar with the tantrums toddlers are prone to throwing after being woken from their naps. But one family have discovered a clever trick to avoid any strops when waking their three-year-old from his slumbers. This toddler’s brother and sister rouse the boy from his sleep by blasting Nirvana’s Breed out their car stereo.

I don’t get why anyone would like this video. The kid was flat. So flat I don’t- he didn’t even look good while be was doing it. It’s the worst thing I ever heard. $1200 a week for voice lessons and that’s what they get? When your car-singing, it’s always the oldest kid that you count on.If I was his dad I would’ve had to step in and save him with a solo.


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