Man returns stolen plants after 54 years

NASHVILLE, May 14 (UPI) — A Kentucky man has returned two potted hydrangeas he stole from a Nashville park to give to his mom for Mother’s Day in 1958.  Bill Teitleff, 72, who now lives in western Kentucky, said he was 18 and unable to afford a Mother’s Day gift when he took the plants from Centennial Park and sent them to his mom in Kentucky, WSMV-TV, Nashville, reported Monday.  He said the the plans were the most beautiful, perfectly formed hydrangeas he had ever seen. “They were just perfect in rows and pots,” Teitleff said of the plants he scooped up from the park.  “I knew it was wrong. I thought all along that I was borrowing them. But this stayed with me all this time,” Teitleff said. “Now it’s been 54 years, and I’ve got the root and same flowers that they have accepted back now. This doesn’t clear what I did. That’s between me and him (points to the sky). But this is between me and the people here at the park, and they’ve accepted wholeheartedly.”


Okay, you probably think I am going to make fun of poor Bill.  But, similar to your love of Zubaz,  you are totally wrong.  Clearly, he has been wrestling with this guilt for over half a century, which makes me wonder why he didn’t return them sooner, but that is a question for another day.  Or never, as it were.  Regardless, I applaud Mr. Teitleff’s dedication to doing what is right, even if it was crazy super late and now nobody cares and he basically wasted his life worrying about something dumb.  I wonder what the impetus was to return these stolen sprouts to their rightful owner.  Actually, I do know.  Wall-E, anyone?  Yeah, you know what I am talking about.  The plant is VITAL.


Note: I have on exactly no authority that this is exactly what happened to Mr. Teitleff:


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