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Man arrested for stealing h own car – Mrs. Nussbaum declines comment…

NEW CASTLE, Del., Sept. 17 (UPI) — A Delaware man was arrested for allegedly stealing h own impounded car, then leading police on a 35-minute chase before driving into a pond, police said.  Donald Smith II, of Bear, was arrested early Friday and charged with theft, trespass and related offenses for the incident, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.  Police said Smith used a front-end loader to steal h pickup truck from a repair shop in New Castle at about 12:30 a.m. Friday.  The repair shop had been holding Smith’s pickup because he had not paid for work done to it.  The shop owner called police and Smith was spotted later driving the front-end loader with the truck on it in the parking lot of a restaurant, the newspaper said.  Smith refused to pull over and instead led police on a 35-minute chase down a highway, through a housing development and then a cornfield, police said.  The suspect ended the chase by accidentally driving into a retention pond, police said.

Now, what do you think Mr. Smith was thinking as he hatched th devious plan?  That as long as he was slick and suave and didn’t do anything TO DRAW ATTENTION TO HIMSELF LIKE DRIVING THROUGH A CORNFIELD AND THEN INTO A POND, he’d be home free?  Well, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time.  I guess it was an easy mtake to make, you know, not just, like, getting into the car and driving away, but instead loading it up onto a giant front-end loader and bopping away – I can see how someone would get confused. I mean, nobody really noticed Mr. Nussbaum.  He probably should have waited for that oven mitt….

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