Mallrats unite as Black Friday Approaches…

Next week kicks off the time of year we love the most – a season of turkey, of drinking champagne before 9 a.m. (or is that just me?) and celebrating the most important thing in life: things.  Black Friday has long been a shoppers nirvana and while every year we all swear we’ll never get up at five a.m. to chase down that perfect Cabbage Patch Kid or Tetris game on Nintendo (that’s what people still want, right?), we can’t help but take a little peek at the circulars that start filling our mailboxes and get sucked in all over again.  It’s a vicious cycle, but let’s be honest, not much beats the thrill of scoring an extra 20% off at Bed Bath and Beyond (find this deal here) or a Barbie Power Wheel for under fifty bucks (here).   As people cram into the holiest of holiday spaces, the mall, don’t forget to pack a lunch, relax your eyes, and don’t forget… a schooner IS a sailboat!!  Happy shopping!

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