Iowa Girls’ High School Volleyball is NOT Only a Game

As everyone knows, the world of Iowa high school girls volleyball is a brutal place. Bloodsport. Survival of the fittest. It’s kill or be killed. A dog-eat-dog world and this girl from Winfield-Mount Union is wearing Milk Bone underpants. And nothing proves that like the reaction on both sides. The Fort Madison chick’s teammates don’t even congratulate her and the WMU girls don’t even check on the one who’s brains are splattered all over the floor. I mean the coaches come out because they have to go through the motions. But you know they just want to drag her corpse off the battlefield and keep fighting. No one was expecting much out of that Fort Madison girl, but her teammates set her up and she jumped up and spiked it all the same. She had to get pretty high, but she did, Panama Red. Because in Iowa public schools, unlike some weirdo families, volleyball isn’t only a game:


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