He is a Golden God!! Our own Jerry Thornton makes news!

Huffington Post - According to Forbes, Bob Kraft was worth $1.7 billion as of March 2012. He has used that vast wealth to acquire, among many things, the New England Patriots. What he seems not to have spent much money on is acting classes or dance lessons.

This bizarre video appears to be an audition for Ricki Noel Lander that co-stars Kraft. She is an actress who attended a recent Celtics playoff game with Kraft. He told the Boston Herald that she was his “pal” and she has been described as his girlfriend in many reports about this video.

With the plot about a budding relationship between an erotic dancer and an executive at Yahoo! seeming less than promising, Kraft steals the show with his dances moves and his profane dialogue. Barstool Sports (who had the video first and uploaded it to YouTube) writer Jerry Thornton told a radio station in Boston that the audition was for an upcoming Vince Vaughn movie.


Please make note of the dangling participle (FINE, I cannot remember how to diagram sentences, so I looked online for a tutorial but it was too hard so I am just going with the only thing I remember) in the final sentence of that article.   He is a golden god, folks.  But he would never tell Rolling Stone magazine that his last words were “I’m on drugs.”  He is way too classy.  And also, he isn’t.  Yay, Jerry!!!




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