Great White Shark Chases a Kayaker on Cape Cod. We’ve Got a Panic on Our Hands

WHDH-TV - ORLEANS, Mass. -- Nauset beach was evacuated Saturday afternoon when a 12 to 14-foot shark was spotted only 100 feet out. A great white’s dorsal fin cut through the top of the water as it cruised the shoreline. “All of a sudden, we saw this person in a kayak, and we saw a fin 10 feet from it,” said Lizzy Jenkins. Everyone else in the water immediately ran onto the beach. “We started swimming and people on the shore started waiving us in,” said Christina Proulx. They all watched as a kayaker was seemingly stalked by the shark. “There were hundreds of people on the beach, and they were all at the edge, yelling paddle paddle, paddle!” said Dave Alexander…The Nauset beach was closed for the remainder of the afternoon. It was still undecided, but the beach is expected to reopen tomorrow morning.


This kayaker guy clearly should’ve taken his boat over to the pond. I know the pond is for old ladies, but he should’ve done it for the old man. I am glad though that they’re only closing the beach for 24 hours… Only 24 hours. Because Amity Orleans is a summer town. It relies on summer dollars. That’ll bring back the tourists. Put all your businesses on a payin’ basis. And also, when they ordered those those “UNSAFE: No Swimming” signs, they let Polly do the printing.





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