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Am I in this marriage alone, Vera?

An important message from Mentor condoms.

From now on just think of me as his lawyer.

We’re supposed to study emotions, not have them.

Whoever wants the donuts without jelly, they’re ready.

If anybody wants a doughnut with no jelly, these are ready.

I hope they have cable. I can’t watch regular TV without drugs.

Oh Harvey, it’s so wrong. He’s my husband. You’re his lawyer and best friend.

He cares, that’s the secret. It’s in his voice. Do you know what that means to an advertiser?

I know your sort. You’re a malcontent, a misfit, someone who’s never achieved shit in his life. Takes one to know one.

I love you passionately. From the first moment we met, I knew I aroused a powerful emotion in you. It was disgust, but I can build on that.

Dear son. The other day I was rummaging through your room. There was an odor coming out and I wanted to see if your hamster had died. Turned out to be just your old gym socks. Then I ran across a box of your favorite mementos. A four leaf clover. A vending machine photo of you and Sally. And a partially used box of Mentor condoms. It made me proud to think that my son is one of those people who can have his cake and eat it too. Son, I’m proud of you and I’m proud of your choice of condoms. Love, Dad.


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