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So do you. I believe that makes us even.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will chew on Philo Beddoe’s ass for my last supper!

You’re good. But you’re not good enough.

Um. Now go back there, and kill ‘em.

Sometimes we can’t always do what we want to do, right?

Let’s call this fight off. There’s no point to it.

Come on, Clyde! You got work to do!

What are you gonna do with them?

Beekman payed off 40 cents on the dollar if we promised not to touch him.

He killed two men last year.

I believe it does. Find out what you want to know?

So what? The other guy’s laying someplace with nothin’ below the neck but memories.

Philo…Jordan said he’d give us 200 big ones if we scrap that Merc for him.

No. I owe ya.

Put that spaghetti down!

I ain’t doing it for points.

Ain’t fair to the dogs.

I don’t want to hurt you, and that’s the truth.

We can’t leave ‘em here. Dogs’ll come along and piss on ‘em.

Yeah, you’re right. Most ain’t.

A hand out is what you get from the government, a hand up is what you get from a friend.

Your money’s no good here.

Why me Lord? You made other men out of clay. Mine, you made out of shit.

You play a hell of a game of squash.

You’re fast and you like pain. You eat it like candy. I’ve seen a few cases like that in my time. The more they get hurt, the more dangerous they become. But you got to be durable, too. Real durable. Most ain’t.


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