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What, that you’re a scary guy? Believe me, I get it.

Sorry, Doc. Nothing personal.

Hey why don’t you look over that way before I bust you in your fuckin’ head.

Fuck you.

You, with your schmucky little office in your schmucky little home, you’re turning me down? For what, so you can go back and listen to housewives piss and moan about how nobody fucks ‘em right anymore?

What happened with your wife last night?

What kind of sandwich ain’t too fattening?

Hey, they were trying to make a point.

No, I mean for the big game against Michigan State. Of course sexually! What the fuck’s the matter with you?

They threw me in the shark tank, Paul! The shark tank!

No, I’m not, I’m just trying to understand, why do you have a girlfriend?

1957 was a big year. The Russians put that Sputnik into outer space, the Dodgers played their last game at Ebbets Field to say goodbye to Brooklyn, that guy shot Frank Costello in the head, and missed, and the Gallo brothers whacked Albert Anastasia in the barber shop of the Sheraton View hotel. It was total chaos. With Anastasia out of the way, Vito Genovese figures he’s the big boss. But Carlo Gambino and Joe Bananas, they had other ideas. So they called a meeting. A big meeting.

Now is that polite? Is that nice? I’m tryin’ to be nice over here. Do I go up to you and say, Hey you’re so-and-so the Hard-On?

Feel better?

Yeah, I do.

Well, maybe not to you, look at you. But if I can’t get it up, that makes me less of a man, and I can’t have that. In my world I deal with animals, Doctor. They may seem dumb to an educated guy like you, but make no mistake, Doctor, animals are very cunning, and they sense weakness.

I wasn’t really gonna whack you.

You know normally a patient wouldn’t have a vat of Scotch during a session.

And hopefully, hopefully…if you make one more move on me, you motherfucker, I’ll fuckin’ cut your fuckin’ balls off and shove ‘em up your fuckin’ ass. I’ll fuckin’ bury you! I’m gonna stick ice picks in your eyes and send ‘em to your family so they can eat them for dessert!

Why am i telling you? Like you don’t know nothing about it? You don’t know nothing? What?

Nah, I don’t buy that. In the dream, I’m bringing the baby the black milk.

…eight times, is not catastrophic.

Then why do you have a girlfriend?

I wasn’t with my wife, I was with my girlfriend.

Don’t that prove I’m motivated?


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