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Imagine something this big captured alive. That’s worth a lot of money, Gary.

You know, Mateo’s probably just lost.

Buenos noches, beautiful.

It’s kind of spooky in here.

No, I really MEAN it.

How dare you? It was you who brought that snake. You brought the devil!

The last time I was in water like this I had to stay up all night picking leeches off of my scrotum.

I really mean it, too.

What are you saying?

Please people, don’t make me out a monster. I didn’t eat the captain Mateo.

This film was supposed to be my big break, and it turned out to be a big disaster!

How dare you presume to order me about?

There’s something down there.

Hold on I think I can blow it up.

There’s snakes out there this big?

Presume? How you like I presume to throw you in the river? You like that presume? Huh? Take it upstairs.

Westridge! Take my gear up to the pilot house.

I had rather hoped that I had done my bit.

Where do you think he’s gone? A walk in the woods?

That’s it, man. I’m getting the hell back to L.A…

I’m not your bloody poodle!


See this? Human bones. That’s how it comes out. Ashes to ashes.

Eet wraps eetz COILS around yooo….TIGHTAH zan anny luvvah.

There’s a devil inside everyone.


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