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Are you guys ready?

You’re gonna hafta do one hell of a lot more than that to scare me!

This is a super fine machine.

Well, I…I also…I forgot the car.

Very funny. What a chop! Ha-ha! Quit laughing! Let’s catch ‘em at the light. Jump out and flatten their tires.

Yeah, well I’m not surprised, drivin’ a field car!

I’m old enough. How old are you?

Blotto, exactly. Barfed on the train all the next day, too.

You’re a regular J.D.

I’m too old for you.

Hey now, don’t be stupid. Experience life! Have some fun, Curt! Anyway, good luck.

Okay, you got an I.D. for the liquor?

Well, goddammit, I won’t report you this time, but next time just watch it, will ya?

Sneakin’ around with the Wolfman, baby. This is gonna strike a raw nerve, Mama. Here’s The Platters.

I am? I mean, do you really think I’m intelligent?

Hello. Buenos Noches. You sure you don’t need a lift somewhere? Huh? Hey, you know John Milner? John Milner’s a good friend of mine. Hey, did anybody ever tell you that you look just like Connie Stevens?

Yeah, three weeks? Besides, it only took me one night to realize if brains were dynamite you couldn’t blow your nose.

Probably a couple of weeks past their bedtime.

Hey, you see this Milner, you tell him I’m lookin’ for him, huh? Tell him I aim to blow his ass right off the road.

Field car? What’s a field car?

Hey I’ve been lookin’ all over for ya man. Didn’t nobody tell ya I was lookin’ for ya?

I was a dirty bird, Carol’s not grungey – she’s bitchin’

You can’t be that old.

Hey, what do you say, Curt? Last night in town – you guys gonna have a little bash before you leave?

Grungy? You big weenie! If I had a boyfriend, he’d pound you.


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