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One semester. After all that, I came back here.

Oh, race him. You can beat him.

Stand by for justice!

Hey now, buddy, look. The lady obviously doesn’t want to have…

Excuse me, but I think we’ve had an accident.

Gil Gonzales? No. No, I don’t.

You would, you grungy little twirp.

Just keep him away from me, that’s all I want. How do I get into these things? We’re all right up…Debbie? Debbie?

Tiger happens to be very intelligent, unlike you. I know everything your dirty little mind is thinking – it shows.

Took the header plugs off, eh? Expectin’ some action?

No, not yet. I have no matches.

Hey, is this what they call copping a feel?

Have a good trip!

Maybe if it’s the goat killer, he’ll get somebody and we’ll see the whole thing.

What do you mean?

You think I care if you go off? You think I’m gonna crack up or something? Boy, are you conceited!

Man, I can’t keep track of all you punks runnin’ ’round here backwards.

You’ll always be Number One, John. You’re the greatest.

Oh, umm, yeah. Oh, nuts, I left it in the car.

I can’t see anything. I don’t wanna see anything.

Thanks, here’s enough for a pint.

…but you’re still a punk.

Aw, come on honey. Look, so I never called you back. I’ve been, you know, busy.

Hey, what are you punks doing? What’s going on here?

I have a dentist appointment.


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