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Is that tuck and roll?

Oh, shit. Dee Dee!

Sorry. You’ll have to get it before.

Ha ha! That’s pretty good! Say, I like the color of your car there, man. What’s that s’posed to be? Sort of a cross between piss yella’ and puke green ain’t it?

Gee, thanks. It’s just like a ring or something. It’s like were going steady.

That’s the Wolfman.

Look, creep. You want a knuckle sandwich?

What the hell’s goin’ on here, Toad? Hey, man, are you all right?

It’s a really beautiful night. It’s a perfect night for horseback riding.

Don’t say anything and we’ll get along just fine.

Just do as I say!

You mean liquor. Yeah, yeah right, liquor. Yeah, this place is too crowded anyway.

Are you the Wolfman?

You know Toby Juarez? Toby Juarez, he’s a Pharaoh isn’t he?

What did you say? Wait, what did you say?

Hey, you know a guy around here with a piss yellow deuce coupe, supposed to be hot stuff?

What is it? What do ya got?

Hey, hey, hey, baby. What do you say?

Yeah, yeah. Listen, are you with him?

Then keep your smart-ass mouth shut.

Look who’s talking. Hey, who’s the wimp you’re hanging out with now? Einstein?

Hey now, buddy, look. The lady obviously doesn’t want to have…

Excuse me, but I think we’ve had an accident.

One semester. After all that, I came back here.

Oh, race him. You can beat him.