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What do you think of monopolies?

We need to keep this cash cow alive.

No. No, Ma, I understand…

Check your property. Sign, please.

This is a very, very, very nice suit.

His mother moved back to North Carolina.

I think it’s fair.

I know your customers are happy Frank. Bunch of fuckin’ junkies that they are. What about your fellow dairy farmers out here, Frank? Are you thinkin’ of us? You thinkin’ of them?

How you feel about monopolies?

You pay your bills, I asked you?

You got any holy water?

They look at us like we’re the help.

Federal authorities confiscated over 250 million dollars of Frank’s assets in U.S. and foreign banks.

Now, I got no problem with you showin’ up in court tomorrow with your head blown in half.

I’m just thinking out loud now. If you took some of your inventory, Frank, and you sold it wholesale, we could work. We could do some distribution.

What’s the matter? Ain’t you niggas never seen naked coochie before?

The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room.

I want what you got Uncle Frank.

Good work Frank. You…want a drink or something? Celebrate?

I don’t know yet.

Ma, I understand. I don’t want you to worry about it. Now come on, I have to go…

FBI protection? My life is dangerous enough as it is!

You mean like the game?

Who does he work for? Which family?

His first client was Frank Lucas.


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