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How come? Did the money originate there?

Well, I – I understand.

What else did he say? He didn’t say anything? Come on, you’re hedging.

He really said that about Mrs. Graham?

You tell your publisher, tell Katie Graham she’s gonna get her tit caught in a big wringer if that’s published.

Woodward, What did you find out? What did he say?

Where’s the goddamn story?

Oh, I can’t tell you that.

Excuse me, what is your name? I’m Bob Woodward, of the Washington Post.

Oh, that’s Woodward’s garage freak; his source in the executive department.

When we were having drinks.

All right, give it to me.

Segretti crisscrossed the country, at least a dozen times. And always stayed in cities where there were Democratic primaries.

Well, I’d cut the words her tit and print it.

Bernstein, why don’t you finish one story before trying to get on another?

Gordon Liddy was fired by Mitchell because he wouldn’t talk to the F.B.I.

Facing certain criminal charges that might be brought against some people that are innocent, we just feel that it would be…

Why did it take you two weeks to tell us this, Sally?

Why do you think it’s Magruder?

I went over there; I talked to them. They said Hunt hadn’t worked there for three months. Then a PR guy said this weird thing to me. He said, I am convinced that neither Mr. Colson nor anyone else at the White House had any knowledge of or participation in this deplorable incident at the Democratic National Committee.

Your names, please, and state your professions.

The Virginia legislature story?

What do you mean? Where?

But you could tell me that.

Debbie, tell them to come in.


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