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Mobil 1. Ground Control.

Snowdesk, Mobil 1. Danny, listen carefully. Break the conga line. Send the heavy plows across to runway 2-niner. They’re to head for stuck airplane and to wait instruction.

Well, let’s put it this way- You promised me a box of cigars if I pull this off, right?

You felt it vibrating? Another 10 seconds and we’d have had structural damage.

Don’t you realize they could prosecute you?

The instruction book said that was impossible.

When will they learn? The duty would have been about one-tenth of what the fine is gonna be!

There’s bound to be a passenger with a fifty-dollar wrenched back. I’d better get out there with some release forms and plenty of sympathy and understanding.

3, 4 or 5, depends on the size of the hole. Everything fogs up just like that.

Hold the whipped cream; I just had dessert.

Joe, this is Mel. There’s no more time. Stop all engines and get out. Repeat. Stop all engines.

Well all right, Daddy. Now you tell me about when you were a war hero. You flew those pursuit jobs you could land in a parking lot. But when I’m setting down over 200,000 pounds of 707, I want something under my wheels that’s plenty long and mighty dry.

My late husband was a lawyer, and he always said: Watch out for sweet-looking innocent little old ladies. I’m beginning to understand what he meant.

If you’re wondering if we had another fight, the answer is no. Just a continuation of the same one.

Yes, uh…Mrs., uh…Quonsett? Uh, what you’ve done is, uh…dishonest. You’ve broken the law. You’ve defrauded Trans Global.

Well, I hope so.

What’s more, the captain deliberately struck me across the face!

Unless you shut up, the second officer’s going to do exactly the same thing.

And I can’t be number 2 wife any longer.

Who do ya think you’re talking to, some kid that fixes bicycles? I know every inch of the 707! Take the wings off this and you could use it as a TANK! This plane is built to withstand anything…except a bad pilot.

More like group insurance!

Joe, my neck’s out about fourteen feet, sure it’ll work?

Would you have any more if he decided to leave you?

He’ll get sucked out, won’t he?

And we don’t have a home anymore. We have a waiting room. A place where I can walk the floor and wonder whether you’re going to leave this damn airport long enough to drop by for a few minutes.


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