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There’s just the two of us. If I left him, what would I have?

Chicago Supervisor listen carefully! Any approach is no damn good if it lands on runway 2-2. We need 2-niner. We’ve got an unservicable stabilizer trim. Doubtful rudder control and structural damage. If we’re brought in on 2-2 there’ll be a broken airplane and a lot of dead people. So you call Lincoln, mister, and turn the screws and tell that Lincoln airport manager to get off his penguin butt and clear that runway!

Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah! We’re gonna crash! We’re all gonna be killed! I know we’re gonna be…

For my sake, be patient with him.

Is there anything I can do?

Yes, but way…back.

Is it that powerful, are you sure?

What did he mean by that, son?

Guerrero! That’s Spanish, isn’t it?

Global 2. This is the Chicago Center watch supervisor. Please understand we’re doing everything we can. We’re holding other traffic and giving you priority. What type of approach do you wish?

I’d like to monitor. What’s the frequency?

My late husband taught me to be thorough. He was a teacher of geometry. He always said: You must consider every angle.

This time, do me one favor. If your boss says two and two is six, agree with him.

Hey, now, that’s a good idea, Mel. Using little old ladies for skycaps. You keep that up. You’re doing a good job.

Aww, a tractor-trailer jack-knifed and flipped over. It’s laying on its side like a drunken dinosaur.

How you can live with that overage juvenile delinquent, I’ll never know.

And THEN watch out! At that altitude, you can’t breathe. So unless they get on oxygen in 45 seconds, it’s good-bye!

Before, Virgo and Leo were right there, sir. Now I’m beginning to see Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia. We MUST be turning around.

Helen was a stewardess, flying DC-4s. That’s how we met and, uh, she knew what was going on. So when we got married, I made her a promise – the obvious one. I always kept it.

But they wouldn’t, would they? I don’t think it would be very good public relations for a big airline to prosecute a little old lady just because she wanted to visit her daughter!

What’s your name, sir?

That’s personal property!

You better get this thing out of here ’cause I’m not taking off on 2-2.

I suppose I’m like a lot of men. A bigamist. Married to both a woman and a job.

Remind me to send a thank you note to Mr. Boeing.


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