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Excuse me sir, but do you have a mint? Perhaps some Binaca?

What the hell are you talking about?

Gee, let me think. Um sure.

My esteemed colleague, Mr. Marino, has just brought some new evidence to my attention. Now, history has certainly shown that even the most intuitive criminal investigator can be wrong from time to time. But if I am mistaken…if the Lieutenant is indeed a woman, as she claims to be…then, my friend, she is suffering from the worst case of hemorrhoids I have ever seen!

Tom Ace. Pleasure to meet you Sir and may I congradulate you on all your success…you smell TEREFFIC! I was just telling Melissa that one of the first things we learned back at…Stanford Law…was the modern proliferation of food poisoning claims against wealthy, private homeowners. In fact, if one were so inclined, one could make quite a lucrative law practice on little else. How is everyone feeling tonight?

Yes, they certainly are.

Go to de conference, go to it.

Who is he, a friend?

Would you like an ashtray?

What you wouldn’t read about was how Ray Finkle lost his mind was committed to a mental hospital only to escape and join the police force under the assumed identity of a missing hiker manipulating his way to the top in a diabolical scheme to get even with Dan Marino for whom he blamed the entire thing!

The National Football League would like to extend a special thank-you to the man who rescued Dan Marino, and our beloved Snowflake…

That’s none of your damn business and I’ll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

Just don’t let me catch you with an animal here, that’s all.

I’m sorry. Could you please speak in to my good ear? I thought I heard you call me Ace.

Alright, it’s almost time for Coach Shula’s press confrence, uh, lets let Heinz do his work?

Free Animals Now. Started in 1982, by Chelsea Gamble, daughter of the famous industrialist Fisher Gamble. Over half a million members from Florida to Finland. No. Who are they?

Excuse me, gentleman. Pet Detective. Come on, what’s the matter with you? Can’t you hit me?

Let’s see that in an instant replay.

351, 351, Rover sit. Ha! Ha!

And somebody get me some coffee!

Who let Dr. Dolittle in?

Ohh, I thought you were someone else.

Shoot him! Shoot him!

…you owe me rent.

Is that the red or the white?


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