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No, no, no English!

The order of Lenin, for Comrade Bond. The first ever non-Soviet citizen to receive this award.

Get Zorin for me!

Well, under the circumstances, sir, I thought it MORE IMPORTANT to identify the assassin.

Qu’est-ce qu’il y a, monsieur?

What have they done?

Hello. My name is James St. John Smythe. I’m English.

But May Day and my men!

Killing Tibbett was a mistake.

To a KILL!

Don’t count on it, Zorin.

Well, only that Zorin is having a thoroughbred sale at his stud not far from here. I think I should be there.

Could he be using drugs?

Just cleaning up a few details.

In my dressing room, later, did you know I was an agent with orders to seduce you?

That’s rather neat, Don’t you think?

It may be possible to arrange an invitation. It’s a bit short notice, but I might just be able to squeeze you in, Bond.

Call me James. It’s five days until Alaska.

Why do you think I sent you three dozen RED roses…?

So, anyone else want to drop out?

And what if I’m thrown?

Captain to all units: Intercept murder suspect in a stolen fire truck. He MAY be armed…and he’s SURE dangerous!

But that means I would have to be…

And I’m Dick Tracy and you’re still under arrest!

Welcome, sir. I’m Jenny Flex.


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