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No sir, good god-fearing Klan…I got a friend, used to be active, could give him a call.

Carl Lee, they amputated his leg because you shot him. He’s the prosecution’s witness.

Caught him selling dope. Spent time in Parchman. Got out last year.

No, sir.

Carl Lee Hailey should’ve shot you too.

When did she leave town?

Ain’t been no Klan around here for years.

Additionally, the state opposes any request for bail.

Ten years ago, that ngger’d be hanging by the end of a rope with his balls in his mouth. Now you tell me what’s wrong with this country.

Do you think he should be punished for shooting you?

We’re going to lose this case, Carl lee. There are no more points of law to argue here. I want to cope a plea, maybe Buckley will cop us a second degree murder and we can get you just life in prison.

Mr. Hailey, I am holding a copy of an indictment returned by the grand jury of Mississippi presenting that Carl Lee Hailey did murder Billy Ray Cobb a human being and James Willis Willard a human being and did attempt to kill Dwayne Looney a peace officer against the peace and dignity of the State of Mississippi. Do you understand the charges against you?

It was his little girl.

Not guilty, Your Honor.

Don’t answer that question.

You don’t need any help, Ethel. But I’d be honored to escort you to your automobile.

Mr. Brigance, when you and Lois Lane are ready…

What you mean them skinheads that want to blow up the government?

Yes sir.

Well see, there’s your problem. What you should be thinking is, what would Harry Rex do?

Your Honor, one question.

Hey Jake, didn’t you defend Billy Ray Cobb a few years back?

You know, I think about them too boys. Dead, buried, probably starting to rot. And I remember them walking into court…one proud, the other scared. I remember how they fell. One on top of the other, screaming and squirming and not going nowhere. God help me Gwen, but that’s the only thought that give me comfort.

Did I mention that my father’s filthy rich and I’ll be working for free?

I think some Memphis lawyer handled that. Why do you ask?


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