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Hey Steven, do I keep fucking your wife in the meantime, or what?

What else could you do?

When’s this card game of yours?

I’m working on it.

He…he said he was going to kill me. So I tried to run.

What if there is no tomorrow?

Oh really, and what would be the first?

Tomorrow? No fucking way!

And you as well.

Well, for one thing, they’ve got a lot more money…

May God be with you.

Steven Taylor’s greatest hits.

He must have put it back on his way in, didn’t plan on that did you?

Young David he was…he was very unpredictable.

I don’t see why not.

When you wake up tomorrow, all this will seem like a bad dream.

And then he attacks you?

That’s not happiness to see me is it?

You should thank me. Artists are always appreciated more after they’re dead!

What happens if the plan goes to hell?

Rich people, they’re different from you and me?

Excuse me sir, can you spare me 400 grand?

There you are. And how was your day? Any progress in saving the world?

How’s that for wet work?

We’ll work it out? Let me tell you something, you work it out on your fucking own! This is over!


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