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I’m crazy after all!

So what’s going on here? An orgy or somethin’?

What was she doing there?

Nancy, help me, please. Save me from…

Hm, some dream, judging from that!

I’ve got you now!

It’s only a dream!

What the hell are you doing here?

I had a hard-on this morning when I woke up, Tina…Had your name written all over it.

But what happens if they don’t do that?

Oh, God. I look 20 years old!

They turn their back on it. Take away its energy and it disappears.

Will you shut up and let me in? Did you ever stand on a rose trellis in your bare feet?

Do you know who that is mother? Because if you do you better tell me cause he’s after me now.

Yeah, apparently he’s dead.

Well I guess those people don’t wake up to tell what happens.

Hi, daddy. I know what happened.

Hello to you, too, Donald.

No running in the hallway.

I know you too well, Freddy.

Hey, up yours with a twirling lawnmower!

What I learned in the dream clinic. That’s what I’m trying to prove mother. Rod didn’t kill Tina and he didn’t hang himself. There’s this guy. He’s after us in our dreams.

I’m going to split you in two.

Fred Krueger did it, Daddy. And only I can get him. It’s my nightmare he comes to.

I probably could have saved her if I’d have moved sooner. But I thought it was just another nightmare, like the one I had the night before. There was…there was this guy; he had knives for fingers.


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