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There’s four letters in my name, Rod. How can there be enough room on your joint for four letters?

Well, the lawyers got fat and the judge got famous, but somebody forgot to sign the search warrant in the right place and Krueger was free, just like that.

Everybody’s got to dream, young girl. If you don’t dream,

I’m going to go and get the guy who did it, and I want you to be there to arrest him when I bring him out. Okay?

It’s dark in here.

Nancy, you dreamed about the same creep I did.

I don’t know. What’s the coroner got to say?

What did I do?

Everything’s gonna be all right! Everything’s under control!

Did you see his face?

Guys can have nightmares too ya know. Ya ain’t got a corner on the market or somethin’.

Just tell me who did it, I’ll go get him, baby.

Sometimes I wish you didn’t live right across the street.

What did you do to your arm?

Not from what, from whom.

I don’t know who he is, but he’s burned and he wears a weird hat and a red and green sweater, really dirty. And he uses these knives, like giant fingernails…

You believe this fog?

Mother! What’s with the bars?

What the HELL did that, Lieutenant?

I burned it in English class

It’s Rod Lane, bringing Lantz down, just three yards from the goal line! What a brilliant tackle and the crowd goes wild!

You’re the jock. You have a baseball bat or something.

Okay Krueger, we play in your court.

Miss Nude America is going to be on tonight.

Did they put him away?


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