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Yeah, but you know he’s dead, right?

Are you crazy, hit him with what?

Oh, I believe anything is possible.

Give me that damn thing!

She had a nightmare, that someone was trying to kill her.

Security? Security from what?

But what if they meet a monster in their dreams, then what?

Maybe we’re gonna have a big earthquake. They say things get really weird just before.

I take back every bit of energy I gave you. You’re nothing. You’re shit.

Glenn? Where are you? Are you there?

It’s real momma, feel it.

I’ll kill you slow!

Nancy, you are going to get some sleep tonight if it kills me.

Come on, Freddy. Can’t you catch me?

I’m crazy after all!

So what’s going on here? An orgy or somethin’?

What was she doing there?

Nancy, help me, please. Save me from…

Hm, some dream, judging from that!

I’ve got you now!

It’s only a dream!

What the hell are you doing here?

I had a hard-on this morning when I woke up, Tina…Had your name written all over it.

But what happens if they don’t do that?

Oh, God. I look 20 years old!


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