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We are Winc. W-I-N-C. Witches In Nature’s Colors.

No, that’s the dressing.

You could say she was overly protective – I just like to think she cared about me, which she did, a lot. And I was a member of the chess team and whenever we would have chess tournaments I had to wear a protective helmet, I had to wear a football helmet. Now who knows what she was thinking? Maybe she thought that we might have fallen maybe and impaled our heads on a pointy bishop or something, I don’t know.

Terry and I worship an unconventional deity. The power of another dimension. Now you are not going to read about this dimension in a book or a magazine because it exists nowhere…but in my own mind. Through our ceremonies and rituals we have witnessed the awesome and vibratory power…of color.

You swear to God you didn’t talk to Menschell about the set?

Well, is this the real furniture or is this the rehearsal furniture?

I’m going to suggest we be bold.

There’s no nanny, just take that out of the equation. It’s hey nonny no nonny ninny o.

You didn’t tell him what we were opening with, right?

I know this song. This is that really pretty one. With the kiss. Turn that up a bit. Remember where they used to…

Well, it’s painted to look three dimensional. If you go back there, trust me…

We work together very well. It’s almost as like we have one brain that we share between us.

I’m sure it was at one time.

…and that’s a ceiling above us!

Before we begin tonight’s performance I would like to make a brief announcement. I’d like to warn you that some of the floral arrangements at tonight’s performance have dangerously low hanging vines and may be poisonous. So please, whatever you do, don’t eat ‘em and don’t become entangled in them or trip, please.

Things have been going really well. We got some gigs here, working at the casinos. It has been a time of changes, but change is good. Change is life.

Um-hmm. It’s very flat.

We’re going to have to put saddles on those folks!

In 1971, after the breakup of the Main Street Singers, Chuck Wiseman moved up to San Francisco where she started a retail business with his brothers Howard and Dell, the Three Wisemen’s Sex Emporium. It was very successful for a year until they were sued over something having to do with a box of ben wah balls.

It would teeter crazily on the little spindle.

I learned to play the ukulele in one of my last films, Not-So-Tiny Tim.

No, I’d consider going home, making a nice tray of nanaimo bars, lying in bed and watching TV – that’s what I like doing.

This flame, like all flames, represents the light and darkness. It also represents the uncertainty of life and its delicacy. It also represents a penis.

I feel ready for whatever the experience is that we will…take with us after the show. I’m sure it will be…an adventure…a voyage on this…magnificent vessel…into unchartered waters! What if we see sailfish…jumping…and flying across the magnificent orb of a setting sun?

That’s the cake.


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