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But it’s not painted on the back. I’m looking at the back right now. Will you look with me for a minute?

All right, here’s your giant banjo…

Yes…sort of a whole layout in my basement. Very much a big passion for me, ’tis.

Well, A it’s not called furniture. It’s a set.

I’m a model train enthusiast.

I never talked to him about it at all.

5 dollars says they do it.

Oh work! I’m in the bladder management industry. I sell catheters. I’ve started my own distribution company, Sure Flo, you might have heard of it.

I worked some bills with a few Folkies, you know – Put ‘em in a cell with a long hose on him put ‘em in a cell with a long hose on him! I used to say If he’s got a long enough hose he’s gonna have a lot of friends in the shower room. Folk audiences hated that joke.

Thank God for the model trains, you know? If they didn’t have the model trains they wouldn’t have gotten the idea for the big trains.

Would you consider doing both parts?

And now please join me in welcoming our next three talented performers. Taken alone they are Jerry Palter Alan Barrows and Mark Shubb…but when you put them all together they spell absolutely fantastic.

Can you have an actual three dimensional object that represents the thing that it actually is, can that be next to something that it’s pretending to be? Would that be okay?

Why would I talk to him about it?

No, you had to provide it yourself. They were still good records. Good product.

Well, I don’t sing this one anyway.

This whole area here is called Crabbe Town. We’ve got a brothel down there above the saloon. And right down there further along I’m thinking of building a French Quarter. I’ve actually got a bit of French blood.

Iron clad rule, Alan. Nonny before ninny.

But they look shaky.

No, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t ride around on broomsticks and wear pointy hats. Well, we don’t ride on broomsticks.

You know, 35 years ago, preparing for a concert meant playing find the cobra with the hotel chambermaid.

I’m getting a bounce, but there’s a lightness within it.

So you were planning on studying it later, academically or something?

Then there’s the kids – we’re hearing: You rock…you rock me…you rock my world! What?

All right, I don’t think finger-pointing is gonna help us here, I…I think it’s very clear what we do.


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