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Wake up Limey fish!

You just wanted to get me into bed.

What are you thinking, Archie?

I am Italian! Sono italiano in spirito. Ma ho sposato una donna che preferisce lavorare in giardino a fare l’amore appassionato. Uno sbaglio grande! But it’s such an ugly language. How about…Russian?

So, friendly might include actual…what penetration?

I looked at the clock…because I was saying to myself…It’s five to seven, where could he be going with that sawed off shotgun?

Okay, fine, Ken! Come at me, give me your best shot! Go on, Ken! You don’t have the guts, admit it!

People are always taking advantage of me.

Wanda, do you have any idea what it’s like being English? Being so correct all the time, being so stifled by this dread of, of doing the wrong thing, of saying to someone Are you married? and hearing My wife left me this morning or saying, uh, Do you have children? and being told they all burned to death on Wednesday. You see Wanda we’ll all terrified of embarrassment. That’s why we’re so…dead. Most of my friends are dead you know we have these piles of corpses to dinner. But you’re alive God bless you and I want to be I’m so fed up with all this. I want to make love with you Wanda. I’m a good lover – at least used to be back in the early 14th century. Can we go to bed?

Hello, Mr. Burglar! Going somewhere? Thought you could rob Mr. Leach, eh? Well, I’m going to teach you a lesson!

Bye Wanda!

You’re going to shoot me?

Yes they do, Otto. They just don’t understand it. Now let me correct you on a couple of things, OK? Aristotle was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not Every man for himself. And the London Underground is not a political movement. Those are all mistakes Otto. I looked them up.

How come you dumped me then.

Otto! Otto! Otto!

All right, all right, I apologise.

Okay, you have the guts, good…wait!

What is this? Hump a Limey week?

We could have a lot of fun together, you and I. And I think we’d be really good for each other. What do you say?

Nix! Zip! Diddly! Bupkis!

I’m, uh, Harvey. Manfred…jen…sen…den.

You take it back.

I got the deal of a lifetime! Fifty-fifty, you and me, what do you say! Okay, okay, okay, sixty-forty! That’s my final offer!

…he thought that the Gettysburg Address was where Lincoln lived.

I was dealing with something delicate, Otto. I’m setting up a guy who’s incredibly important to us, who’s going to tell me where the loot is and if they’re going to come and arrest you. And you come loping in like Rambo without a jockstrap and you dangle him out a fifth-floor window. Now, was that smart? Was it shrewd? Was it good tactics? Or was it stupid?


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