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Does he get to handle them?

Ken! Ken! Wait, wait, Ken! Kenny! I…may I call you Kenny?

Apes don’t read philosophy.

You asshole! You stupid, stiff, pompous, English…!

You’re a very attractive man, Ken. You’re…smart, you’ve got wonderful bones, great eyes, and you dress really interestingly.

I Wendy- I Wanda- I wonder…

Ok…Ok…DISAPPOINTED. Son of a bitch. What do you have to do in this world to make people trust you?


So the old lady’s gonna m-m-m-meet with an accident eh K-K-K-K-Ken?

You realise he’s in court tomorrow?

Oh, my God…Oh…Oh my God. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I know. I know that!

Even if you were my brother I’d still want to fuck you.

We need to talk.

superior, so fucking superior with those phony accents.

May I kiss you, Ken?

He doesn’t have a clue.

Why on earth not?

I love watching your ass when you walk. Is that beautiful or what? Don’t go near him, he’s mine.


I want you to know something Otto.

Let’s make love.

You spineless bimbo.

I don’t know – I’ll improvise.

So, wanna have some lunch?


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