Movie Quotes

The'll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate, except those in your own merc...

John Wayne

If it's all the same, I would like to ride along too.

Olivia Wilde

You don't remember anything?

Olivia Wilde

They're coming back! They're coming back!

Harrison Ford

The only one who knows what to say is in the ground. Isn't it enough that we too...

Harrison Ford

Don't yank on it, it's not your pecker.

Clancy Brown

I don't know much about boats, but I would say that one's upside down.

Christopher Lloyd

I told you not to look in the light.

Olivia Wilde

Popular Quotes

Immortals...we put their name to the test.

David Wenham


The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against...

Gerard Butler


You get one vigina for the rest of your life. Real smart Frankie. Way to work it...

Vince Vaughn

(Old School)

"Stay cool, man. Stay cool forever."

Max Perlich

(Beautiful Girls)