Hey Ralph, how much is a copy of orgasm? Just put it in the bag…


MSN - – Drugstores. They’re a great catch-all place for those random things that make errands lists. Things like toothpaste, shampoo or artificial vaginas. Yes, Walgreens is now appealing to the man who wants anonymity in his sex toy purchases, and thus, available only on its website, is the Tenga Flip Hole for Male Masturbation. For only $77.99 ($12 off!) you can own a fake vagina “designed to be the best male masturbator,” “deliberately not a simple artificial vagina” and featuring an “astonishing complex inside shape.” Shipping is free, so beat a path to the site soon.

I feel like Walgreens might be missing the point here. I could see selling it in the store for your horny man-on-the-go type, you know with a few minutes to kill before the big meeting and no way to release some stress…But if someone is going to buy a pretend vagina on line wouldn’t you go to an adult assistance site? Are people becoming so lazy online shopping that they need to bundle their Bayer aspirin and their Fixadent with their mastablatory gadgets? I asked Jerry if this was priced close to what the Adult sites charge and he said it wasn’t bad, but I would imagine the main reason for this “online only” offer would be the fear of getting that dirty look from the female at the register when she reads, “Flip Hole” on the box.

Bonus UB Musing: Bravo by the way to Walgreens to include a view of the device open showing just how realizitic this device is. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention in Biology class, but I had no idea a vagina resembled a suitcase filled with disco balls and sharp-looking objects, yikes!

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