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He said, She said…Can Guy Movies and Girl Movies be friends?

Recently, the illustrious Uncle Buck and I debated the validity of movie sequels and came to the conclusion that we should probably just make out and get it over with.  Wait, what?  What was I talking about?  Oh, yeah… we’ll th week we’re back with a new topic to debate, which th: are there any movies that are truly guy-and-girl friendly?  Kati, the floor…

(Kati approaches the podium, adjusts her ample breasts (what?  It’s my story!), and takes the stage.)

When it comes to men and women, there are innate differences that keep us in separate lines at movie theaters and at different tvs in the same household all over the world.  With the exception of pure comedies, which appeal to most everyone (except the jerks who don’t think Billy Madon funny, but I digress), no film really exts that appeals to both sexes. There will always be a comprome to be had when men and women watch a movie together, because nobody has ever melded the two genres into one transcendent film.  Here are the facts:

A girl movie (i.e. “chick-flick”) has elements of romance, the building of relationships, either platonic or romantic in nature, features lovely lighting, and no explosions.  There usually an unattractive sidekick friend, and the whole movie the buildup of that relationship and ends when the relationship actually starting.  There generally very little blood, and always a scene with some sort of drunken singing or dancing wherein relationships are cemented forever.

A guy movie has cursory relationships forged with an emphas on some sort of physical action, fires, throwing things, and always a scene with some sort of strip club/naked girl grinding.  There may be stolen moments wherein lifelong friendship and love are hinted at, but that’s not the crux of the film.  The focus more on the testosterone.

I am not saying that one better than the other (except that chick-flicks are way, way better with the glaring exception of He-Man: Master of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren), but there hasn’t been a movie that has genuinely captured the spirit of what interests both men and women.  Is there a movie that exts that combines the quintessential elements of these two types of films to come together so equally that it , in fact, without “gender”?

(UB walks to the podium, adjusts bulge)

Pardon me, while I whip th out…

Kati I would have to agree with your assessment of the guy flick-chick flick dynamic, though I am of the opinion that chick flicks ext so that men can get laid while guy flicks do not ext for women to get laid. If you take a look at the female psyche when it comes to heterosexual relationships, women are searching for the perfect man but ultimately settle for a man they can deal with and by their estimation, one day mold into that perfect man. The male run studios make it so by green lighting crap where women constantly chase the perfect man, only to dcover the man they can ultimately deal with right in front of them (See: every chick flick).  Women go to these films with men who are putting in the 2 hours of “relationship dental work” because there a carrot at the end of the stick, or women who need a retrain that all men are ultimately children and they need to learn to take what they can get.

Guy flicks, on the other hand, are by men (not bi men), for men. With blood and guts, unnecessary lesbian scenes, faithful dogs, women sexually unavailable in reality, heavy profanity, training montages and in the case of many true classics, a cameo from a sports icon.

Getting back to your main point, however, here are some movies that have successfully bridged the gap: Bull Durham, The Wedding Singer and Casablanca. That’s about it.


So, what do you think?  Who’s right?  Are there any movies that are truly for everyone?

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