Guy Brings a Gun to the Airport Hidden in a Stuffed Animal. He Should’ve Gotten the Pig

Yahoo!A man traveling from Rhode Island to Detroit with his 4-year-old son was stopped at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, R.I., the Transportation Security Administration said, after a TSA screening agent noticed disassembled gun components “artfully concealed” inside three stuffed animals in his carry-on bag. The gun parts were found in an X-ray scan during a routine security screening. According to the Associated Press, a “.40-caliber gun was found inside one animal, while a magazine loaded with two .40-caliber rounds and a firing pin were found inside a second animal; another part of a gun known as a slide was found inside the third animal.” The stuffed animals were a teddy bear, rabbit and a Mickey Mouse, the TSA said. The gun parts–which could have been assembled to make a working firearm–were confiscated.  Astonishingly, the man–whose name was not released–and his son were allowed to continue to their destination after authorities concluded he didn’t pose a safety threat.


Wait.  So you can get pulled out of line and cavity searched by TSA for carrying shampoo in larger-than-federally-mandated 3 oz containers, but you can can walk up to them with a .40 cal stuffed into a Teddy bear and it’s “Off you go; Mustn’t be late for your flight!”  Well the next time I travel, I’ll only have one thing to say.  And Frank, I never thought I’d say this again. “I’m getting the pig!”

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