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Airline Gives a Woman Money Because a Dead Person Breathed on Her

An airline has reimbursed a Swedh woman after she was given no choice but to sit across a corpse for much of a 10-hour flight to Kenya. Lena Pettersson, a reporter for Radio Sweden, says her fellow passenger, a man in h 30s, appeared to be sick when she boarded a Dar es Salaam-bound Kenya Airways flight during a stopover at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, The Expressen reported. “He was sweating and had seizures,” Pettersson told Radio Sweden. “Air hostesses were there all along, but the plane took off anyway.” The man reportedly died a few hours into the overnight flight.

While I sympathize with Lena’s situation here… if I were in her shoes I would’ve been saying “We don’t have to fly with a dead person, do we? Please say we don’t!”… What was Kenya Air supposed to do with a dead body on the plane? Would she prefer they slip him in the night deposit box at the funeral home? Call Federal Express? I guess next time a passenger dies mid-flight they could leave her and maybe the first phone they pass, they could call Cousin Normie and he could come and get her, I guess. It’ll be real easy for Normie to find her. All he has to do look for the buzzards.

I suppose there was one other solution:


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