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Nicely put, Frank, but I don’t want to leave this miserable world alone.

Because Booth had flair, panache – a leap to the stage after he shot Lincoln.

Forget it, Frank. I am willing to trade my life for his. I am smart, and I am willing, and that is all it takes. That president is coming home from California in a box.

Frank, you of all people, I want you to understand because we both USED to think this country was a very special place…

Oh, I’d love to, but I think the less you know about me the better.

The clock’s ticking, Frank.

You talked to Coppinger, Frank?

Do you want to save me, Frank?

There’s no cause left worth fighting for, Frank. All we have is the game. I’m on offense, you’re on defense.

Did you delouse? The man’s a professional liar.

Why not call me Booth?

Uh, the address? Come on, Frank. I’ll keep you in the game, but I’m not going to throw it for you.

Don’t you have a psychological profile on me yet?

Hello, Frank. By the time you hear this, it’ll be over. The President is most likely dead, and so am I. I wonder, Frank, did you kill me? Who won our game? Not that it really matters, for among friends like you and me, it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game, and now the game is done and it’s time to get on with your life. But I worry, Frank, that you have no life to get on with. You’re a good man, and good men like you and me are destined to walk a lonely road. Goodbye, and good luck.

Trying to trace me, Frank?

I want you to thank me first, Frank.

Watching the President, I – I couldn’t help wondering why a man like you would risk his life to save a man like that. You have such a strange job – I can’t decide if it’s heroic or absurd.

I’m glad, Frank. Friends should be able to call each other by name.

Because I’m planning to kill the President.

I mean it all right. John F. Kennedy said all someone needs is a willingness to trade his life for the President’s, right?

Do you know how easily I could kill you, Frank? Do you know how many times I watched you go in and out of that apartment? You are still alive because I have allowed you to live so you show me some GODDAMN RESPECT!

What did happen to you that day? Only one agent reacted to the gunfire, and you were closer to Kennedy than he was. You must have looked up at the window of the Texas Book Depository, but you didn’t react. Late at night, when the demons come, do you see the rifle coming out of that window, or do you see Kennedy’s head being blown apart? If you’d reacted to that first shot, could you have gotten there in time to stop the big bullet? And if you had – that could’ve been your head being blown apart. Do you wish you’d succeeded, Frank? Or is life too precious?

Sleep well, my friend.

Do you believe in the nobility of suicide?

What’s that supposed to mean?


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