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It was yellow!

It’s a blue slip.

A little flash money.

Is he a civilian now?

You definitely a cop!

Why can’t I check ya?

You just hit a squad car!

Yo, man! What’s that for?

Inspector T, how you doin’?

I’m gonna kick yo’ ass later!

Hey, what is- Wait a second.

Well, this is pretty sporty!

I’m checking you for a wire, man.

Y’all both look like Gerald Ford!

You have 25 unpaid parking tickets.

Can you cuff Mr. Bernstein, please?

You have 25 unpaid parking tickets, sir.

Hey! Sound the alarm. You got a break-in!

I sm- Do you smell it? ‘Cause I smell it.

My truck. Here’s $50. Put it next to a limo.

How the fuck can you steal a house? This…my uncle’s house!

Your tickets have not been paid, that means you’re liable.

Sir, do you own a Black Mercedes-Benz, License Plates number CRL-507?

Wait a second, look. I just thought, that if there was a problem-

Are you driving with your eyes open? Or are you, like, using the force?


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