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Anthony, I want to talk to you. Now, listen!

You get yourself a job before sundown, or we’re shipping you off to military school with that goddam Finklestein shit kid! Son of a bitch!

Son of a BITCH!

…or we’re shipping you off to military school with that…goddamn Finkelstein…shit kid!

Will you shut up? We’re not going to have a family brawl!

When, boy? When…are you going to get your act together?

We’ve put up with a hell of a lot.

Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you! You get a goddamn job before sundown…

Sweetheart, I’ll talk to him.

Son, your mother and me would like for you to cozy up to the Finkelstein boy. He’s a bright kid, and, uh…he’s going to military school, and…remember, he was an Eagle Scout…

Can this wait? Build your goddamn muscles, huh? You know, you could build your muscles picking strawberries. You know, bend and scoop…like the Mexicans.

Shit, maybe I could get you a job with United Fruit! I got a buddy with United Fruit. Get you started. Start with strawberries, you might work your way up to these goddamn bananas!

Oh, good God Almighty me. I think he’s the Antichrist.


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