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Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you! You get a goddamn job before sundown…

Sweetheart, I’ll talk to him.

Son, your mother and me would like for you to cozy up to the Finkelstein boy. He’s a bright kid, and, uh…he’s going to military school, and…remember, he was an Eagle Scout…

Anthony, I want to talk to you. Now, listen!

You get yourself a job before sundown, or we’re shipping you off to military school with that goddam Finklestein shit kid! Son of a bitch!

Son of a BITCH!

…or we’re shipping you off to military school with that…goddamn Finkelstein…shit kid!

Will you shut up? We’re not going to have a family brawl!

When, boy? When…are you going to get your act together?

We’ve put up with a hell of a lot.

Can this wait? Build your goddamn muscles, huh? You know, you could build your muscles picking strawberries. You know, bend and scoop…like the Mexicans.

Shit, maybe I could get you a job with United Fruit! I got a buddy with United Fruit. Get you started. Start with strawberries, you might work your way up to these goddamn bananas!

Oh, good God Almighty me. I think he’s the Antichrist.


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