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I don’t know why they call it wine-tasting”. After two glasses you can’t taste anything.

I will not.

She drank Akasha’s last drop. She took Akasha’s death into herself.


Armand is the wind!

I don’t understand it!

Where can I get a mannequin too?

This has never happened to Armand before, never!

Maybe it’s you! You’re… so cold. So unfeeling!

Roxy! Roxy, Roxy. You know what you need to do right now? You need to put him and this whole nasty affair out of your mind. Now, how is the best way to do that, huh? Huh? By having a night of distastable sex with someone you care absolutely nothing about! And proudly, I would like to be that person.

What is that crap you served us?

A woman is said to be worth her weight in hens. And a man’s wealth is measured by the size of his cock.

Louis, I swear that I…

You look like Lucy’s stunt double.

I know nothing of God, or the Devil. I have never seen a vision nor learned a secret that will damn or save my soul. And as far as I know, after four hundred years, I am the oldest living vampire in the world.

Maybe, but you’ll look like a fag in a uniform.

Oh, what’s the point? You’d be Val’s gay Uncle Al.

Now take that wig off or I’ll tell Albert you’re wearing it.

Oh please, look at you! Look at the way you’re holding your glass! Look at your pinky! Look at your posture!

Yes, I’m afraid of your heat.

What are you giving him drugs for? What the hell are Pirin tablets?

You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!…but you keep it all inside.

Yes, I wear foundation. Yes, I live with a man. Yes, I’m a middle- aged fag. But I know who I am, Val. It took me twenty years to get here, and I’m not gonna let some idiot senator destroy that. Fuck the senator, I don’t give a damn what he thinks.

Don’t you want to lose it?


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