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Only a few bumps and bruises, eh?

Mind the plastic. I’m having some painting done. Well now, the important thing is, are you all right? Any broken bones?

Ah, it’s not your fault. Sometimes these things do not go as planned. As you say, they just happen…eh, Pieter?

A warning? Is that not a bit tame?

I’ll worry about that. You worry about the police. The warning did not work.

I should have known.

I hope you realize the trouble you are in right now.

However, we did lose over a million dollars in Krugerrand.

Certain policemen in this city have become an intolerable nuisance. They are obviously onto us again. How do you propose to handle it?

Things are getting out of hand. We are suffering too many losses. We have to move the cash in one large shipment.

Diplomatic immunity!


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