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Send those Indians back to Africa.

Well, should we put it out or what.

No, but I know cop” in every language.

I am the Alpha Bear! Grrr! Grrr! Bears say grrr right?

You’re going to shoot me?

I’m tellin’ ya baby, they kicked your little ass there. Boy, they whooped yer hide REAL GOOD.

Winners, like North Vietnam?

Bigger than Pooh?

It was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, and I once rode a unicycle wearing a tutu! A tutu!

I am Italian! Sono italiano in spirito. Ma ho sposato una donna che preferisce lavorare in giardino a fare l’amore appassionato. Uno sbaglio grande! But it’s such an ugly language. How about…Russian?

All right, all right, I apologise.

Well, Ava laughed at me.

Otto! Otto! Otto!

Did you hear what I said? Fuck off!

I Wendy- I Wanda- I wonder…

How could a bright and smart girl like you have a brother who is so…

I used to box for Oxford.

Oh yeah! Feel the burn! Feel the burn! Feel the butt cramp! Wait! Rub my butt. Rub my butt. Get back here, rub my butt. Please rub my butt.

Well, if you absolutely insist…

Wanda, do you have any idea what it’s like being English? Being so correct all the time, being so stifled by this dread of, of doing the wrong thing, of saying to someone Are you married? and hearing My wife left me this morning or saying, uh, Do you have children? and being told they all burned to death on Wednesday. You see Wanda we’ll all terrified of embarrassment. That’s why we’re so…dead. Most of my friends are dead you know we have these piles of corpses to dinner. But you’re alive God bless you and I want to be I’m so fed up with all this. I want to make love with you Wanda. I’m a good lover – at least used to be back in the early 14th century. Can we go to bed?

How very interesting. You’re a true vulgarian, aren’t you?

I’m really really sorry, I apologise unreservedly.

What the – nap!

Hey, don’t poke the bear, buddy.

Hey, I’m warning you.


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