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Combatants Three and Eleven – Disc Wars.

Video game warriors escaping game grid. This is an illegal exit. You must return to game grid. Repeat! This is an illegal exit. You must return to the grid.

Presenting the crown, Miss Julie Newmar.

Ladies and Gentlemen: In the interest of clarity and sanity, the rest of this movie will not be in Polish.

Yes, folks… Moderna Designs present the latest in kitchen luxury. The Moderna Wonder Major All Automatic Convenience Center-ette gives you all the time in the world to do the things you really want to do… An infrared freezer-oven complex that can make you a meal from packet to plate in 15 1/2 seconds.

Everybody wanted this victory and Hurricane has delivered.

Hurricane Carter has defeated the wilted weight champion of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, this fine young fighter will be right here in Pittsburg on the boxing cog, this Monday night.

That’s a first down. Ball at a thirty five-yard line.

Ladies and gentlemen, in order to achieve an R” rating today a motion picture must contain full frontal nudity graphic violence or an explicit reference to the sex act. Since this film has none of those and since research has proven that R-rated films are by far the most popular with the moviegoing public the producers of this motion picture have asked me to take this opportunity to say “Fuck you.

Just once, JUST ONCE, I wish you guys would TELL US THE REAL STORY!

The Crossbow Project. There’s No Defense Like a Good Offense.

And here’s your host… Jack Barry!

Two players racing to score 21 points… each in a soundproof television studio, not knowing the other one’s score… with $500 riding on each point… as they both play…Twenty-One!

Geritol. America’s #1 tonic. Geritol, the fast-acting, high-potency tonic, that helps you feel… stronger… fast… presents the exciting quiz program…Twenty-One.” Brought to you by NBC The National Broadcasting Company broadcasting nationally coast to coast from New York to Los Angeles from Seattle to St. Petersburg… via a vast network of affiliates crisscrossing the country. Coming up next “Twenty-One starring master of ceremonies Jack Barry!

Get ready the battle that no ropes can hold.

Announcer: And now the star of our show the kamikaze of comedy! Fasten your seat belts put on your crash helmets; because here he comes… Mr. Saturday Night… Buddy Young Junior!

Malcolm X!


How do you feel?

Who do we want to hear?

Are we gonna bring him on? Yes, we gonna bring him on. Well let us hear from our minister, Minister Malcolm X. Let us bring him on with a round of applause!

In the name of Allah the merciful, all praises due to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. The one God to whom praise is due forever. The one who came to us in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and raised up the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Amen.

OH! Somebody’s holding a pound of Aunt Betty’s nut butter, and that’s a live ball!

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