Movie Quotes for Movie Quotes Said By Ann - MovieQuoter

Why not?

Aren’t you?

You didn’t!

Married enough

Did he touch you?

I don’t think so.

Do you live here?

Can we watch one?

Did you touch him?

Look, I’m married.

What did you think?

I think it’s gonna rain.

You know, my therapist…

Did anybody touch anybody?

Thanks. I thought so, too.

I want out of this marriage.

Well, what did he ask exactly?

What are the interviews about?

What kind of personal project?

I always lose my keys. I hate that.

I’m just here to see my sister. OK?

I. Want. Out. Of. This. *Marriage.*

You never used to say the word fucking.

Right. And, uh, *we* haven’t had sex…

So, all these are… are interviews, huh?


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