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Well, somebody has to.

Are you sure she is there?

It is one of the possibilities.

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and check it out.

Well, maybe it didn’t, maybe it went someplace else.

The volume of ash is too high to think that we’re out of danger.

Sometimes magma can find one of those fissures and rise up through it.

How fast can you get to the corner of Wilshire and Western, we have a problem.

Well, lets just assume that we haven’t seen the real bulk of the magma yet. Trust me, get down here.

I’ve never tracked lava under a city before. I don’t know what it will do with man-made tunnels to travel through.

Roark, Roark. There’s lava in the red line. This just came through on the radio. The lava had overtaken a subway train in Macarthur park and completely destroyed it.

I don’t. But what I do know is when Mount Saint Helens blew, the force was twenty seven thousand times greater then that of the Hiroshima bomb. Do you think that the vent reached to that amount of energy yet?

It stopped. But there’s more under us. There’s has to be something feeding this. We know that the lava broke through here at the tar pits and created this vent, and we know that it broke through at Macarthur park, so that means it is literally traveling underground over a course of at least eight miles.


I just…

Jeffrey told her last night.

I don’t think that I can do this.

You’re my half sister but I whole love you.

Did she tell you she broke up with you because of your funky breath?

I wanted to tell you but I was afraid you’d never forgive me and I just… I love you so much.

I wanted to thank you for not outing me in front of Ed. I want to tell him just not the night before our wedding, you know… with these things, timing is everything.

You’re lucky he didn’t kill you, too. Or rape you, then kill you. Or kill you, then rape you.

Stop it!

Heh heh heh… psycho talk.

I am not a whore! I just didn’t like you!


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