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Get off me you crazy bastard!

Amsterdam: Fiddeling bends. Right. If I knew what in the hell that meant…I might be inclined to take offense.

The earth turns, but we don’t feel it more. And one night you look up. One spark and the whole sky is on fire.

I’m not sure, sir. I never did quite figure it.

Lord, place the steel of the Holy Spirit in my spine and the love of the Virgin Mary in my heart.

Suppose you back an Irish candidate, of my choosin’, and I’ll deliver all the Irish vote?

He’s killed 44 men, and laid low a couple hundred more.

I give you my word, this all will be finished tomorrow.

The past is a torch that lights our way. Where our fathers have shown us the path, we shall follow. Our faith is the weapon most feared by our enemies. For thereby shall we lift our people up against those who would destroy us.

Our name is called The Dead Rabbit’s to remind all of our suffering and as a call to those who suffer still to join our ranks. However far they may have strayed from our common home across the sea. For with great numbers must come great strength in the salvation of our people.

Is there anyone in the five points you haven’t fucked?

Maybe not. We’re deep thinkers.

In the end, they put candles on the bodies so’s their friends, if they had any, could know them in the dark. The city did this free of charge. Shang, Jimmy Spoils, Hell-cat, McGloin, and more. Friend or foe, didn’t make no difference now. It was four days and nights before the worst of the mob was finally put down. We never knew how many New Yorkers died that week before the city was finally delivered. My father told me we was all born of blood and tribulation, and so then too was our great city. But for those of us what lived and died in them furious days, it was like everything we knew was mildly swept away. And no matter what they did to build this city up again…for the rest of time…it would be like no one even knew we was ever here.

Amsterdam: I’ve been called a lot of things, mister…but I’ve never been called…?

I’ve been told Kerry, I lost proof of it in my language at the asylum.

Nah, none taken, sir. I grew up here. All I ever knew of Ireland was from the talk of the others at the orphan asylum.

Jenny was a Bluget, a girl pickpocket and a turtledove. A turtledove picks out a fine house, disguises herself as a housemaid and robs you blind. It takes a lot of sand to be a turtledove.

New York loved William Tweed…and hated him but for those of us trying to be thieves, we couldn’t help but admire him.

…And no matter what they did to build this city up again, for the rest of time, it will be like no-one even knew we was ever here.

I said I seen it, sir.

When you kill a king, you don’t stab him in the dark. You kill him where the entire court can watch him die.

It’s a funny feeling being taken under the wing of a dragon. It’s warmer than you’d think.

If you get all of us together, we ain’t got a gang, we’ve got an army.


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