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I AM NOT A FISH! How many times do I have to tell you people that? So, can you please just let me outta here? Huh? Please? People?

All right, that’s it!

Hey, ev’rybody! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

No, no, Freddie. I don’t want to get drunk!

I hope we have a boy and a girl.

Enough is enough, Madison. Come on, open the door. Something is wrong.

All right, Madison, this is getting scary. You either open up this door, or I’m gonna break it down!

Yeah, of course, it’s Allen. What are you doing, sweetheart?

What was that? Madison, are you all right?

Yeah. You know why she left Freddie? Because I didn’t love her.

You know by the time I got there, she was already gone.

So, how about those Knicks?

She’s not coming! What, do you want your money back?

Leave her alone! Just leave her alone!

Oh, c’mon, c’mon! They’re happy guys!

I love you, Madison. Go. Go!

Oh, six days. Is that all?

Yeah. Get me outta here.

Mister Mango on my shoulder…Freddy! dance with me!

Um, my father passed away several years ago.

What is your name?

Well, then let me in.

Well now, what about that, huh? What about a woman showing up naked in a public place, Freddie?

Hi. Are you okay?

Freddie, the woman learned how to speak English in a single afternoon.


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