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Do you like canoeing?

Did you forget something?

Dad, what is that?

I’ve read it four times.

What are you doing in here?

I find libraries very erotic.

So clean it, you used to be a clean person.

How would you know? Whose semen were you eating?

Is that in the King James or the New World Edition?

If you’re so hot on the idea, why don’t you have sex with him?

If you eat my yogurt again, I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna fucking kill you.

You have the hots for me, I have the hots for him, and sooner or later he’s gonna have the hots for you.

Oh, I am so sick of this shit, it’s not NORMAL! It’s not NORMAL the three of us LIVING TOGETHER! I am so sick of falling for guys who don’t give a fuck about me! I need help! I need a facial! I need to go on a diet! I need money! I need new shoes! Oh, God, just do something!

I’ll be right here

Yeah, babe, we should do that…

I know, she’s like a crack-whore without the dignity.

No ice?

Was not!

Are we…

Oh please!

Then what is it?

Are we there yet?

Come on, come on!

That part I missed.

That’s it! That’s it!


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