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Oh, it’s a no-brainer.

That’s what I thought. Case closed. Nat move in, Dylan thinks he’s hot.

Get off the babysitter. Daddy’s home.

We were just on our way out, actually, ’cause we have such a major procedure coming up, Daddy, so…

Yes! Natalie works in the Psychiatric Ward. And Dylan is the Head of…Gynecology.

What a be-atch!

Marshal Ray Carter. I’m Alex Munday. I’ll be your rescuer today.

I know. It hardly seems fair. C’mon!

See you guys in a minute. It’s just a tiny emergency, but make yourself at home, okay.

I’ve got two girlfriends in the bar.

Check it out…brown shorts, red board, 11:00. What d’you think?

We should get this to the lab to have it anal-ized.

Did you by chance drive an Ass-tin Martin?

You always fall for the bad guy.


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