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You should’ve seen yourself at dinner, Sarah. Then you came back here and put on that ghastly performance. I mean I’ve heard that women do fake orgasms, but I’ve never seen one. It really deeply upset me.

Yeah, you got four on me then, mate.

Actually, Peter, I wanted to tell you, I was listening to Sarah’s iPod the other day, and amidst the interminable dross that’s on that thing, I found one track that I quite liked. So I checked what it was, and it was actually one of yours, and it kind of reminded me of a dark, gothic Neil Diamond. It’s great.

Awful bloody film. I say, it’s just a ridiculous premise. What would happen if your mobile phone killed you? Why would a mobile phone kill anyone? Doesn’t make sense. How can a mobile phone have an agenda and kill people…

Yeah, I just don’t get how talent can be contained in one’s spunk.

This is it, Aaron. This is rock n’ roll. Did you enjoy the party?

It’s a metaphor for a crap movie.

I had a girlfriend, right? And Liam and Noel Gallagher both had it off with her, right in front of me, so that’s similar. And that was a bit awkward, actually, so if you do wanna change hotels, I quite understand.

Didn’t I have sex with her once?

Sorrow Suckers. I don’t know why they call them that.

Do you want me to start drinking again, is that what you’d like, you want me to return to that?

Going around killing people. A mobile phone, like doing murders.

Aaron, look at what you’re wearing. Do you think that now you live in Seattle, you’re grunge or something? You look like a lesbian.

I just told you, then.

I was watching the news one day and I saw footage about, uh, war, and I think it was in Darfur, or Rwanda, or Zimbabwe, or one of ‘em, and I thought, ‘this isn’t right, is it?’ And I made some phone calls and it turns out, it isn’t.

Don’t get offended by that.

No, I slept with other people but I always told her about it. Monogamy.

No accounting for taste, I suppose, in her case, anyway.

I thought you knew! Peter, please, don’t take it seriously.

Look at my limo driver. I’m going to have sex with her. Alright!

Right. That’s it. The battle’s over.

How you served five years under her, I don’t know. You deserve a medal, or a holiday or at least a cuddle from somebody.

Well, look, you know, I’ve not told you I’ve got genital herpes, because it’s not inflamed at the moment…

Yeah, I had a girl cheat on me once, with both Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher.

Oh, it’s a bit of this, a bit of that. It’s called a Jeffrey. It’s mostly weed, with a bit of opium as well…ground-up E’s…heroin…Clorox…


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