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We unraveled in the face of the enemy!

He’s a vampire all right.

The night crawler. The bloodsucker.

Kill your brother, you’ll feel better.

Yeah? You think we just work at a comic book store for our folks, huh?

We blew it, man, we lost it!

Holy shit! It’s the attack of Eddie Munster!

Totally annihilated his night-stalking ass!

Does the sunlight freak him out?

OK, we’ll come over and do it for you.

There’s our number on the back. And pray you never need to call us.

Notice anything unusual about Santa Carla yet?

Death to all vampires!

We don’t ride with vampires.

For a fashion victim.

Holy shit, Vampire Hotel.

Santa Carla’s become a haven for the undead.

First come, first staked.


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