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The whole point of love is to put someone else’s needs above your own

It’s my fault.

T-Tell me what?

I’m sorry. I… I’m so sorry…

I, I should have told you about them before… and I’m – I’m sorry.

I-It’s alright. You don’t – you don’t have to apologize, sweetheart. You were… upset, I know.

You guys. You know, people are always running down amazing things. This guy Hobbs, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I got a feeling…

What the hell was that?

You mean you guys were serious about that demon stuff?

Glen! Don’t be embarrassed! Crying’s nothing! Remember when Trevor Stubblefield pantsed me in front of the whole auditorium?

Your lobsters?

What are you doing?

Oh and this is your table?

God, I am sorry for Dorothy, Walt. She was a real peach.

I’ve got all night.

No. And that’s final!

It’s not a camera, it’s a Nikon.

You jumped in a moat with my Nikon?

He’s a CPA from Encino… are you Crazy?

Al Waterman, have a sponge.

You’re havin’ a stroke. Good!

Oh, one more thing. You know that little player to be named later? Ben says if it’s a boy, they’ll name him Ted Williams Wrightman. If it’s a girl, Carla Yastrzemski Wrightman. Let’s all pray for a boy.

Eighty-six years of bangin’ our heads against the big green wall, but we finally did it. That part you know. That part everybody knows. But I got a story you don’t know. It’s about this schoolteacher friend of mine named Ben.

How about sex?

I’m gonna go take a piss. Wish me luck.


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