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That’s enough.

He became frightened and stopped listening.

I have told you the story of your father many many times.

I didn’t need to speak. I could lay thoughts out in his mind like they were a sheet.

George has fashioned me a metal finger tip, I am quite the town freak which satisfies!

What a death! What a chance! What a surprise! My will has chosen life! Still it has had me spooked and many others besides!

There is a silence where hath been no sound / There is a silence where no sound may be / In the cold grave, under the deep deep sea. -Thomas Hood…

At night! I think of my piano in its ocean grave, and sometimes of myself floating above it. Down there everything is so still and silent that it lulls me to sleep. It is a weird lullaby and so it is; it is mine.

The voice you hear is not my speaking voice – -but my mind’s voice. I have not spoken since I was six years old. No one knows why – -not even me. My father says it is a dark talent, and the day I take it into my head to stop breathing will be my last. Today he married me to a man I have not yet met. Soon my daughter and I shall join him in his own country. My husband writes that my muteness does not bother him – and hark this! He says, God loves dumb creatures so why not I?” ‘Twere good he had God’s patience for silence affects everyone in the end. The strange thing is I don’t think myself silent. That is because of my piano. I shall miss it on the journey.

Most o’ my boys just want company… a bit o’ cheerin’ up. I’m like a mother to ‘em! Only they can’t fuck their mothers so they come ‘ere.


I stay with Marie, beautiful Marie.

Look, I bring everything for supper!

I only take some money to buy food. For me and for you. Was that bad, Marie?

Hello, I’m Ada Monroe.

If you are fighting, stop fighting. If you are marching, stop marching. Come back to me. Come back to me is my request.

What do you care what his name is?

A tintype, with your gun and courage on display.

I had to carry a tray to come out and see you.

Yes. It’s still dark.

No, I think it’s I divorce you three times and then you’re not married anymore.

For all your kindness. Coffee and pie.

I will not leave Cold Mountain. My last thread of courage is to wait…for you.

I can talk about farming in Latin. I can read French. I can lace up a corset, God knows. I can name the principal rivers in Europe, just don’t ask me to name one stream in this county! I can embroider but I can’t darn! I can arrange cut flowers but I can’t grow them! If a thing has a function, if I might do something with it, then it wasn’t considered suitable!

I would have followed you anywhere…to Mongolia.


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