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Things are less simple today.

Patroclus, put down your spear…

Yes, but who will you fight for when I’m gone? Soldiers fight for kings they’ve never even met. They fight when they’re told to fight, they die when they’re told to die.

You were brave to fight them. You have courage.

Go. No one will stop you. You have my word.

Apparently you won some great victory.

You are free. If I hurt you, it’s not what I wanted.

Did you not hear me?

Trojan soldiers died protecting you. Perhaps they deserve more than your pity.

Is there no one else? Is there no one else?

You must be royalty. What’s your name? Even the servants of Apollo have names.

I’ve killed men in five countries, never a priest.

You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.

Greece got along fine before I was born. And Greece will remain Greece long after I am gone.

What’s he waiting for?

No argument with you, brothers. But if you don’t release her, you’ll never see home again. Decide!

Are you afraid, Briseis?

Be careful, king of kings. First you need the victory.

Tell the king it can wait until morning.

Flank! To the flank!

Why? Are the Greeks tired of fighting each other?

You fought well today.

Would you leave Troy?

If I hurt you, it’s not what I wanted

You want gold? Take it. It’s my gift to honour your courage. Take what you wish.


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